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Professional California Stock Photography by Randy Morse - Signature Scenic & Marine Wildlife Images
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Subjects by Category
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  California Marine Life
  Category-Marine Mammals Marine Mammals - Dolphin, Whales, Seals, Sea Lions & Otters
  Category-Pelagic Pelagic - Open Ocean - Marine Science - Commercial Fishing
  Category-Kelp/Algae Kelp Forests - Marine Algae
  Category-Marine Fish Marine Fishes Sharks & Rays
  Category-Plankton Plankton - Zooplankton, Jellyfish & Krill
  Category-Invertebrates Invertebrates - Anemones, Gorgonian, Sea Stars, Squid
  California Terresterial
  Category-Coastal Coastal California
  Category-Inland Inland - Backcountry
  Category-Mountains Mountains - High Sierra, Sequoia National Park & Yosemite
  Category-Deserts Deserts - Anza Borrego, Mojave, Desert Wildflowers, Salton Sea
  Category-Sacramento Los Angeles - Skyline
  Category-Sacramento Sacramento - California State Capital Building
  Category-San Diego San Diego - City Scenics Landmarks & Skyline
  Category-San Francisco San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge
  Category-Birds Birds - Coastal & Inland
  Category-General General Interest
  Category-Pollution Pollution - Air, Water, Litter, Trash
Category Groups
Marine Fish Marine Fishes
  Anchovies - Northern Anchovy Bait Ball
Black or Giant Sea Bass
Dorado, Dolphinfish or Mahi mahi
Grunion - California Grunion
Guadalupe Cardinal Fish
Gunnel - Crescent
Halibut - California Halibut
Jack Mackerel
Kelp Bass
Marine Fish - General
Moray Eels
Ocean Sunfish
Ocean Whitefish
Painted Greenling
Plainfin Midshipman
Rays - Bat Ray
Rays - Round Stingray
Rays - Shovelnose Guitarfish
Rays - Thornback Ray
Rays - Torpedo or Pacific Electric Ray
Sardines - Pacific Sardine
Sailfish - Pacific Sailfish
Scythe Butterflyfish
Striped Marlin
Sharks Common to California
Sharks - Angel Shark
Sharks - Blue Shark
Sharks - Cookiecutter Shark
Sharks - Great White
Sharks - Horn Shark
Sharks - Leopard Shark
Sharks - Mako Shark
Sharks - Swell Shark
Wolf Eels

Kelp/Algae Kelp Forests - Macrocystis
  Algae - Marine
Drift Kelp - Kelp Patty
Elkhorn Kelp
California Kelp Forests
Kelp Crab - Southern
Moray Eels
Scallops - Rock Scallop
Scuba Diving - Divers

Marine Mammals Marine Mammals
  California Sea Lion
Dolphin - Bottlenose Dolphin
Dolphin - Common Dolphin
Dolphin - Pacific White-Sided Dolphin
Dolphin - Pacific White-Sided Dolphin Jumping
Dolphin - Pantropical Spotted Dolphin
Dolphin - Risso's Dolphin
Elephant Seals - Northern
Guadalupe Fur Seals
Harbor Seals
Sea Otters
Whales - Beaked Whale
Whales - Blue Whale
Whales - Blue Whales Underwater
Whales - Brydes Whale
Whales - Fin Whale
Whales - Fin Whales Underwater
Whales - Gray Whale
Whales - Humpback Whale

Pelagic Pelagic - Open Ocean - Marine Science - Commercial Fishing
Dorado or Mahi mahi
Kelp Paddy
Marine Science
Marine Science - DeepSee Three Person Submersible
Marine Science - FLIP Ship - Acoustic Ocean Research Vessel
Marine Science - NOAA Wave Buoy
Marine Science - NOAA Weather Buoy
Ocean Sunfish
Pelagic - Open Ocean General
Plankton - Zooplankton
Tuna Crab - Pelagic Red Crab
Tuna or Purse Seiner
Turtles - Green Sea Turtle
Turtles - Loggerhead Turtle
Striped Marlin

Plankton Plankton / Zooplankton
  Jellyfish - General
Jellyfish - Black Sea Nettle Jellyfish
Jellyfish - Moon Jellyfish
Jellyfish - Pelagia or Purple Jellyfish
Plankton - Zooplankton

Invertebrates Invertebrates
Anemones - Corynactis
Anemones - Giant Green
Anemones - Metridium
Anemones - Proliferating
Anemones - White-Spotted Rose
Anemones - Zoanthid
Cowry - Chestnut
Crabs - Decorator Crab
Crabs - Hermit Crab
Crabs - Southern Kelp Crab
Crabs - Swimming Crab
Crabs - Purple Globe Crab
Crabs - Tuna Crab - Pelagic Red Crab
Gorgonians - Sea Fans
Gorgonians - California Golden Gorgonian
Gorgonians - Red Gorgonian
Lobster - California Spiny
Nudibranchs - Hermissenda
Nudibranchs - Melibe or Lions
Nudibranchs - Spanish Shawl
Octopus - Red Octopus
Octopus - Two-Spot Octopus
Shrimp - Spot Prawn
Snail - Blue Ringed Top
Snail - Blue Top
Snail - Lewis Moon
Squid - Market Squid
Squid - Opalescent Squid
Starfish - Bat Star
Starfish - Blood Star
Starfish - Brittle Star
Starfish - Channeled Star
Starfish - Fragile Rainbow Star
Starfish - Giant Spined Star
Starfish - Ochre Star
Starfish - Red Sea Star
Starfish - Spiny Sand Star
Urchins - Crowned Sea Urchin
Urchins - Heart Urchin
Urchins - Purple Sea Urchin
Urchins - Red Sea Urchin

Birds Birds - Coastal & Inland
  American Avocet
Blue Heron
Burrowing Owl
California Gnatcatcher
Cattle Egrets
Coastal Shorebirds
Cormorant - Double Crested Cormorant
Egret - Great
Egret - Snowy
Gulls - Heermanns Gull
Gulls - Ring-Billed Gull
Gulls - Western Gull
Marbled Godwit
Pelicans - Brown Pelican
Pelicans - White Pelican
Peregrine Falcon
Royal Tern
Snow Geese
Wild Turkey

Coast Coastal California
  Beach - Beaches
Beaches - Summer Beachgoers sand & Surf
Big Sur Coast
Blacks Beach - San Diego
Cardiff - San Elijo Lagoon
Central Coast
Coastal Scenics
Del Coronado Hotel
Del Mar
Del Mar - Fairgrounds
Del Mar - Hot Air Balloons
Huntington Beach Pier
Imperial Beach
Imperial Beach Pier
La Jolla - Concours d'Elegance Car Show
La Jolla - Cove
La Jolla - Scenics
Late Light Scenics / Sunsets
Lighthouses - Cabrillo or Old Point Loma
Lighthouses - Piedras Blancas
Lighthouses - Pigeon Point
Lighthouses - Point Loma
Lighthouses - Point Montara
Missions - Junipero Serra Mission Old Town
Missions - San Buenaventura Mission
Missions - San Juan Capistrano Mission
Missions - San Luis Obispo Mission
Missions - San Luis Rey Mission
Missions - San Diego Mission
Missions - Santa Barbara Mission
Missions - Santa Ines Mission
Montana De Oro State Park
Morro Bay
Morro Bay - Morro Rock
Oceanside - Pier
Rabbits - Cottontail Brush Rabbit
Redwoods - Coast Redwood
Sailing & Sailboats
Santa Barbara
Scripps Pier
Surfers - Surfing
Torrey Pines - Hang Gliders - Paragliders
Torrey Pines - Gliderport
Torrey Pines - State Beach
Torrey Pines - State Reserve
Torrey Pines - Scenics
Waves - Surf
Wildflowers - Sea Dahlia

Inland Inland - Backcountry California

All American Canal
Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve
California Aqueduct
Colorado River Aqueduct
Dragonflies - Flame Skimmer Dragonfly
Inland Backcountry Scenics
Julian - Historic Gold Rush Town
Oak Trees - Central Coast
Oak Trees - Woodland
Owens Valley
Palomar Observatory
Rattlesnake - Mojave
Rattlesnake - Southern Pacific
Riverside Old Mission Inn Hotel
San Vicente Dam Raise
Santa Rosa Plateau
Vernal Pools
Warner Hot Springs
Wildflowers - Chocolate Lily
Wildflowers - Lemon Lily
Wildflowers - Parrys Phacelia
Wildflowers - Poppies - California Poppy - State Flower
Wildflowers - Poppies - Matilija Poppy

Mountains Mountains
  Aspen Trees
Black Bear - American Black Bear
Bristlecone Pines - White Mountains Inyo National Forest
High Sierra
High Sierra - Eastern
High Sierra - Western
High Sierra - Cottonwood Lakes Basin
High Sierra - Crabtree Meadows
High Sierra - Fall Colors
High Sierra - Gardiner Basin
High Sierra - Great Western Divide
High Sierra - Kern River & Milestone Basin
High Sierra - Miter Basin
High Sierra - Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog
High Sierra - Mt Whitney - Mountain Scenics
High Sierra - Pack Train
High Sierra - Vidette Meadows
Mount San Gorgonio
Mount San Jacinto
Mule Deer
Sequoias - General Grant Sequoia Tree
Sequoias - General Sherman Sequoia Tree
Sequoias - Giant Sequoia Trees
Sequoias - Kings Canyon National Park
Sequoias - Sequoia National Park
Sierra Nevada
Western Fence Lizard
Western Juniper
Yosemite National Park
Yosemite - El Capitan
Yosemite - Half Dome
Yosemite - Vernal Falls

Deserts Deserts
  Anza Borrego
Anza Borrego Indian Rock Art
Anza Borrego Mud Caves
Anza Borrego Palm Canyon
Cactus - Beavertail Cactus
Cactus - Buckhorn Cholla Cactus
Cactus - Cholla Cactus
Cactus - Ocotillo Cactus
Cactus - Parrys Century Plant
Cactus - Prickly Pear Cactus
California Desert Tortoise
Desert Bighorn Sheep
Desert Horned Lizard
Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Trees
Mojave Desert
Mojave Desert Indian Rock Art
Mojave Desert Rainbow Basin
Pinyon Pine
Rattlesnake - Mojave Green Rattlesnake
Rattlesnake - Southern Pacific Rattlesnake
Rattlesnake - Speckled Rattlesnake
Salton Sea
Salton Sea - Bombay Beach
Salton Sea - Mud Domes
Santa Rosa Mountains
Wildflowers - Borrego Desert
Wildflowers - Desert Sunflower
Wildflowers - Dune Primrose
Wildflowers - Sand Verbena
Wind Farms

General General Interest
  American Flag
Butterflies - Cloudless Sulphur
Butterflies - Painted Lady
Butterflies - Pale Swallowtail
California Missions
California Wildflowers
Endangered & Threatened Species found in California
Gas Price Signs
Grayscale - Black and White
Late Light & Sunsets
Panoramic Images
People in nature
Power Generation - Geothermal
Power Generation - Hydroelectric - Hoover Dam
Power Generation - Nuclear Power - San Onofre
Power Generation - Solar Power
Power Generation - Wind Turbine
Sky & Cloud Formations
State Flag - California
Two Striped Garter Snake
Urban Wildlife

Pollution Pollution - Air, Water, Litter, Ocean, Trash
  Pollution - General
Pollution - Air - Smog
Pollution - Litter - Trash
Pollution - New River
Pollution - Ocean - Beach
Pollution - Salton Sea Fish Die Offs
Pollution - Stormdrain Runoff
Pollution - Tijuana River Valley
Pollution - Water - Sewage - Gas - Oil

Sacramento Los Angeles
  Los Angeles Skyline
Los Angeles Night Skyline
Newport Beach
Newport Beach Pier
Santa Monica
Santa Monica Pier

Sacramento Sacramento
  Old Sacramento
State Capital Building
Sacramento Tower Bridge
State Flag - California

San Diego San Diego
  Architecture, Building & Hotels
Balboa Park
Balboa Park - Alcazar Gardens
Balboa Park - Botanical Building
Balboa Park - Casa Del Prado Theatre
Balboa Park - Museum of Art
Balboa Park - San Diego Museum of Man
Balboa Park - San Diego Natural History Museum
Balboa Park - Spreckels Organ Pavilion
Belmont Park - Mission Beach - Roller Coaster
Cabrillo National Monument
Chicano Park Barrio Logan
Convention Center
Coronado All Material
Coronado Beach
Coronado Boathouse Restaurant
Coronado Bridge
Coronado Cays
Coronado Municipal Golf Course
Gaslamp Quarter
Hilton Hotel Downtown
Hotel Del Coronado
Imperial Beach Pier
Junipero Serra Mission Old Town
Little Italy
Marriott Hotel Downtown
Midway Aircraft Carrier
Mission Bay
Mission Bay Aerial Photos
Mission Bay Thunderboat Regatta - Unlimited Hydroplane Racing
Mt Soledad Cross
Ocean Beach Pier
Old Town
Pacific Beach
Pacific Beach - Crystal Pier
Petco Ballpark
Qualcomm Stadium
Sailing - Sailboats
San Diego Air & Space Museum
San Diego Aerospace Museum
San Diego - Bay
San Diego County Fair
San Diego - Downtown
San Diego - Downtown Aerial Photos
San Diego - Skyline
San Diego - Skyline Panoramic Photos
San Diego - Night Skyline / City Lights
San Diego Mission
San Diego Sportfishing
San Diego Trolley
San Diego Yacht Club & Marina
Santa Fe Train Depot
Scripps Birch Aquarium
Seaport Village
South Bay Salt Works
Star of India - Tall Ship
Stars & Stripes America's Cup Yacht

San Francisco San Francisco
  Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco - Night Skyline City Lights
Marin Headlands
Muir Woods - Coast Redwoods

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