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Pacific Sailfish Pictures

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

 Pacific Sailfish

This shot of a Pacific Sailfish was taken on a recent photo trip targeting baitballs off the coast of Baja Mexico. While in the water we primarily were seeing Striped Marlin hammering large schools of Sardine, but there were a few Sailfish as well. When in the area they would tend to be on the edge of the curtain, either staying deep or flying by shallower just at the edge of visibility. I spotted this guy well below me and free dove down, trying to stay parallel and slowly close the gap between us. The fish showed some interest but continued to maintain its distance and go deeper. As the light level had begun to falloff substantially, I was as deep as I cared to go. Just as I made the turn for the surface, the Sailfish made a slow turn to get a better look, put up its sail and gave me this single frame. Not a bad day on the ocean. The fish in the background are Marlin.

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 Pacific Sailfish Picture
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ID# FSF-001
Pacific Sailfish
species: Istiophorus platypterus
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