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Kelp Forest Pictures

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

 Kelp Forest

Just recently returned from a three day trip to San Clemente Island aboard the dive boat Horizon. It had been more than a couple years since I had returned to dive the spectacular kelp forests found along the southern end of the island. The warm water conditions of an El Nino year were still in full swing. Water temps ranged from the mid seventies at the surface with more than one location still at seventy at a depth of one hundred feet. Given the water conditions, it was a surprise to find the kelp was still quite lush for the most part and there were lots of young plants sprouting along the bottom. I liked this photo with a Garibaldi included up in the column.

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 Kelp Forest Picture
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ID# FGA-029
California Garibaldi in Kelp Forest
species: Hypsypops rubicundus
picture-id: FGA-029 request pricing Google Earth

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