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Calico Bass - Or How to Scratch One Out

Sunday, August 28, 2011

 Calico Bass - Or How to Scratch One Out

Photography is often a very goal oriented proposition. You have a specific subject in mind, you prep and plan every detail and then you execute the plan only to find that there is no payoff. Conditions are not what you had expected, those blue skies and puffy clouds prove to be gray overcast or your critical subject is nowhere to be found. I’ve had this scenario play out endless times in the past but one thing I’ve learned is to be open to the possibilities. Opportunities may be there if you are willing to scratch for them.

Here is a pretty darn nice shot of some Calico Bass. The day started with our standard plan of running miles offshore in search of big animals in blue water. Well what we found was gray skies, off color water and no big animals. So we went to plan B, shutdown drop the anchor and soak it down while photographing open ocean plankton. I jumped in dropped down to the anchor at 110 feet and proceeded to drift there for 20 minutes in 52 degree water waiting for the plankton which never appeared. Then it was back to the surface and a quick huddle to come up with plan C. We moved back inshore off La Jolla, dropped the hook in 40 feet of water and jumped into really marginal green water. I hit the bottom and took a heading out to the west figuring I had about 20 minutes to the turnaround point. Nothing much happened until well on my way back to the boat. Out of nowhere I was surrounded by a small group of Calico Bass. They proved to be enthralled with their own reflections in my dome port. Once again the original plan had provided the motivation but ultimately being open to the possibilities presented was what produced the results.

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 Calico Bass - Or How to Scratch One Out Picture
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ID# FGE-075
Calico or Kelp Bass
species: Paralabrax clathratus
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