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Bryde’s Whale Feeding on Pacific Sardine Pictures

Sunday, November 01, 2009

 Bryde’s Whale Feeding on Pacific Sardine Picture
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ID# WBD-020
Brydes Whale (Pronounced broo-dess)
species: Balaenoptera brydei
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 Bryde’s Whale Feeding on Pacific Sardine

Bryde’s Whale feeding on a Pacific Sardine baitball. One of those underwater moments I will never forget. I was part of a group last year who booked a late season trip to the Pacific side of the southern Baja coast in hopes of photographing Striped Marlin and other pelagic species feeding on Sardine baitballs. To say the trip exceeded all our expectations would be an understatement. From the first morning we were in the water with huge balls of sardine and often twenty plus Marlin circling and taking turns crashing through the bait.

The Bryde’s Whales were totally unexpected and more than a bit unnerving when they first made an appearance. They would fly by beneath us and the bait, rolling on their sides and sizing up the situation. Normally they made two or three passes from different angles with a few minutes between each pass. Then after a few more minutes they would appear out of nowhere, basically shoulder us out of the way and inhale a good portion of our baitball right in front of us. In this particular frame I had lined up a shot of the baitball in hopes of getting a Marlin crashing through. In an instant my viewfinder was filled with a whale face and I managed to get this single frame off.

Doug Perrine whom I regard as one of the top marine wildlife photographers out there, captured a couple Bryde’s Whale shots which are among the best baleen whale photographs ever taken.

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