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Anza Borrego Desert Winter Pictures

Monday, March 07, 2011

 Anza Borrego Desert Winter

Recently made a run to Borrego as one of our 2011 San Diego storm fronts was clearing through. This has been a good year for rain and snow in southern California. It was interesting to see firsthand why Borrego is a desert. As storm systems come ashore in San Diego County either from the southwest or northwest, they normally begin to shed some moisture right at the coast. While moving inland to the east they quickly run up against our local mountains such as the Cuyamaca and Laguna ranges. As the clouds push up against the increasing mountain elevations, they tend to stall along the western slopes and lose the majority of their moisture as rain or snow. Eventually moving eastward past these mountain barriers, little moisture remains to fall on the eastern slopes or Borrego Valley below.

My goal had been to capture the desert landscape combined with the winter conditions. This shot was taken in Culp Valley, which is high desert just on the upper eastern slopes of the mountains before dropping into Borrego. It proved to be one of my best efforts of the day and shows how the snow quickly ends along the upper eastern slopes of the mountains, with little falling in the desert environment to the east.

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 Anza Borrego Desert Winter Picture
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ID# DBO-130
Anza Borrego Desert State Park - Cholla Cactus Winter View
species: Opuntia bigelovii
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