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Anza Borrego Indian Rock Art Pictures

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

 Anza Borrego Indian Rock Art

I have spent a good amount of time in Borrego including off-roading on many of its miles of dirt roads, hiking and even backpacking into very remote areas of the park. Over the years Ive come across a good number of sites which showed clear signs of past habitation by Native Americans. Artifacts such as bowl shaped holes in granite boulders called Morteros, used for grinding grain, are common in these areas. Pieces of broken pottery called pottery shards can be found along with various hand shaped rock tools and arrow tips. One artifact I’d always hoped to see were some really good examples of Indian Rock Art also called pictographs. There are many sites in Borrego which include rock art but most are hidden away, little known and rarely visited. Other than the few well known examples in Blair Valley I had never come across any others in Borrego. When a friend mentioned he had recently talked to another friend who had been to a remote site in the southern part of the park, it didnt take much to talk me into a little day trip.

Once there its obvious why this area had been a favorite for the Kumeyaay and other Indian tribes. Its made up of a huge granite boulder pile with large rock overhangs, crevices and cave like spaces that would provide excellent protection from the desert elements. Located at the head of a large wash and at the base of a ridgeline, the upper most boulders offer clear views to the east for many miles and approach from the west is blocked by the ridge. The rock art is found tucked away on a couple of the overhanging rock faces and are very well preserved. They are believed to be five to eight hundred years old. Thanks to Richard and Roy for a great day in the desert.

Although it should be obvious, its worth mentioning that any artifacts found on public or park lands should be appreciated where they lay and left undisturbed as they were found.

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 Anza Borrego Indian Rock Art Picture
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Anza Borrego - Indian Rock Art - Pictographs
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