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Blue Whale Surface Feeding on Krill Pictures

Sunday, November 14, 2010

 Blue Whale Surface Feeding on Krill

Freediver Richard Herrmann gets a big surprise when a Blue Whale decides to inhale the krill ball he was photographing underwater. We had been seeing large masses of krill at the surface spread over several miles of area off the west coast of Mexico. A number of whales were in the area but because of the sheer quantity of krill spread around, most of our whale sightings had been from a distance of a quarter mile or more. We had found a large ball of krill, packed together by sardine feeding from beneath and birds diving from above.

Richard dropped in to get some photos of the huge quantities of sardine feeding on the krill. All at once there was a large gray mass and wall of bubbles ascending from below, some sixty feet away. A Blue Whale surfaced from below and in a single gulp inhaled a good portion of the krill ball. In this photo Richard has popped his head out of the water and the whale, while rolled on its side and throat completely distended with water and krill, completes his lunge feed.

A very good day on the ocean.

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 Blue Whale Surface Feeding on Krill Picture
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ID# WBL-067
Blue Whale Surface Feeding
species: Balaenoptera musculus
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