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California Coast Dolphin
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Dolphin commonly found along the California Pacific Coast
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Common Dolphin ( Delphinus delphis ) Range: British Columbia to equator
Travel in large numbers in offshore waters.
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Common Dolphin Jumping
Common Dolphin - Click for more
Common Dolphin Jumping
Pacific White-Sided Dolphin ( Lagenorhynchus obliquidenus ) Range: Gulf of Alaska to Baja California.
Offshore waters along continental shelfs or inshore along deep ocean canyons
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Pacific White-Sided Dolphin - Click for more

Pacific White-Sided Dolphin - Click for more

Pacific White-Sided Dolphin - Click for more

Risso's Dolphin ( Grampus griseus ) Range: Newfoundland, Gulf of Mexico to Washington State Coast.
Common in inshore waters near deep canyons along the California coast.
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Risso's Dolphin
Risso's Dolphin - Click for more
Risso's Dolphin
Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin ( Tursiops truncatus ) Range: In the Pacific from northern Japan to Australia and S. California to Chile.
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Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin
Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin
Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin

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