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Loggerhead Turtle Underwater Photos
Loggerhead Turtle Underwater
Named for its large head. A large turtle adults can weigh up to 250 pounds with a length of over 3 feet. Listed in 1978 as a threatened species.
species: Caretta caretta
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Gray Whale Fluke Underwater Images
Gray Whale Fluke Underwater
Early each year Gray Whales pass along the California coast on their annual migration to the lagoons of Baja California Mexico. They are mottled gray in color and can achive lengths of up to 45 feet. Although hunted nearly to extinction they have largely recovered due to the protection of the marine mammal protection act.
species: Eschrichtius robustus
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species represented
Caretta caretta, Eschrichtius robustus

Annual Migration, Baleen, Cetacea, Cetacean, Cetaceans, Flukes, Grey, Lagoons, Open Ocean, Pelagic, Reptiles, Tail,
Threatened Species, Turtles

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