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Diver and Boat Next to Drift Kelp Photos
Diver and Boat Next to Drift Kelp
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Diver Photographing Juvenile Fish Under Drift Kelp Images
Diver Photographing Juvenile Fish Under Drift Kelp
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Stock photography of Kelp Forest - Diver on the surface
Kelp Forest - Diver on the surface
Under ideal conditions Macrocystis can reach lengths of 100 feet or more within 1 to 2 years. A Kelp Forest supports an incredibly diverse community of marine life made up of nearly 800 known species.
species: Macrocystis pyrifera
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Plankton - Diver holding Pyrosoma Pictures
Plankton - Diver holding Pyrosoma
Example of common gelatinous animals found off the California coast.
species: Pyrosoma atlanticum
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Stock photos of California Sea Lion Underwater
California Sea Lion Underwater
Common eared seal. Coat is light tan when dry dark brown to black when wet.
species: Zalophus californianus
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Pictures of Blue Shark with Free Diver
Blue Shark with Free Diver
Once a common surface shark species off the coast of southern California its numbers have declined dramatically in the past ten years due to over fishing.
species: Prionace glauca
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species represented
Macrocystis pyrifera, Prionace glauca, Pyrosoma atlanticum, Zalophus californianus

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