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DeepSee Submarine 2008 Expedition to Guadalupe Island Pictures

Saturday, October 25, 2008

 DeepSee Submarine 2008 Expedition to Guadalupe Island

A school of Scad Mackerel frame the submersible DeepSee as it ascends from a dive off Guadalupe Island Mexico.

In late September, Steve Drogin gave me a call saying he had an offer that I would likely pass on but would regret if I did. So I cleared the work schedule and ten days later boarded the vessel Argo in Ensenada heading for Guadalupe Island Mexico. What made this trip unique was the Argo is the tender ship for Steve's three person one atmosphere submarine named DeepSee. The sub is designed to operate beyond the reach of scuba diving, in depths anywhere from 200 to 1500 feet.

One of the attractions of Guadalupe was to attempt to observe White Sharks from the submarine. Beyond the sharks, what was found at depth was completely unexpected. In the shallows immediately around the island, Guadalupe is rocky and at first glance quite barren. Diving with DeepSee at depths of up to 1200 feet the rock ridges and vertical walls were found to be lush with marine life. Huge sea fans swayed in the mild current, Crinoids, crabs, sea stars, anemones, nudibranchs, octopus and rockfish were abundant.

I have made many scuba dives at Guadalupe over the years but never would have guessed how diverse the marine life would be along these deep slopes. I want to thank Steve Drogin for the incredible opportunity and the crew of Argo for a trip I will never forget. For more information about DeepSee and how you could take a ride checkout their website at www.UnderSeaHunter.com.

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 DeepSee Submarine 2008 Expedition to Guadalupe Island Picture
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DeepSee Submarine
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