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Imperial Valley - Snow Geese Pictures

Sunday, April 05, 2009

 Imperial Valley - Snow Geese

A flock of Snow Geese explodes from a farm field in Imperial Valley California. Each year in the early spring an interesting game plays out, the Snow Geese on one side and the underdog farmers on the other. Both sides clearly know the rules.

To start the season the farmers set aside and plant fields specifically for the Geese. But upon arrival while on their annual migration, the Geese realize that the grass is always greener next door. Soon they make their move and the game is on. Once in the production fields the farmers respond with heavy firepower. Propane powered air-canons are setup that recharge and produce a loud bang every few minutes. The Geese all launch and return to their designated area. Realizing the canon are all bluster and no bite they soon stray back into the fields of play.

The farmers charge down dirt roads in big pickups with dust clouds trailing behind. The Snow Geese patiently wait not wanting to spoil the farmers fun. Skidding to a stop, the farmer jumps from his truck hops the fence and runs into the field. He stops to light something in his had. Even before he can windup to toss his first firecracker the Snow Geese launch into the air, circle a few times and land in their designated field. They sit for a few minutes giving the farmer time to leave the area and plotting their next move. With the sound of the air-canon in the background and the dust from the departing farmers truck only beginning to settle, the Geese make their move back to greener pastures and so the game continues.

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 Imperial Valley - Snow Geese Picture
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ID# BGO-009
Snow Geese
species: Chen caerulescens
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