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Parrys Phacelia California Wildflower Pictures

Saturday, May 17, 2008

 Parrys Phacelia California Wildflower

California Wildflower photo, Parrys Phacelia, California Poppies and others. This photo I was quite satisfied with. It was taken a couple months ago in a burn area on the northeast side of Poway San Diego. The area was one of the casualties of the devastating 2007 San Diego County wildfires. The wildflowers signal the beginning of the natural recovery process. It was a cloudy morning with very subdued light. I had visualized a painterly look, a pure pattern shot that would capture the color and texture of the wildflowers. A mild telephoto was used to compress the background with the foreground.

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 Parrys Phacelia California Wildflower Picture
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ID# FPO-062
Parrys Phacelia and California Poppies
species: Phacelia parryi
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